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Why you should read more Comics…

I think when most people think of Comics, the first thing that comes to mind. Older generation thinks of that little strip that you see in the your local paper, or maybe the Superman of old.

How to Aggravate a DJ…

  • Putting your phone in the dj’s face.
  • I am a dj too, can I drop a few tracks right quick?”
  • It’s my birthday can you make an announcement…..
  • Will you hold my jacket?
  • Will you hold my purse?
  • Can I charge my Cellphone?
  • Can You play that Song by that group, it goes dunna dunna dunna?
  • Freebird!!
  • I was in the bathroom, Can you play that again?
  • Can you play some good tunes or something?
  • Do You have the other version>
  • Can I plug my phone in and play spotify right quick?