Welcome to djnostalgia.com!!!   Here is where you can find the latest mixes, original productions, artwork, blogs, podcasts, videos, clothing and links to Nostalgia.   This site will be going thru multiple changes over the next year  with upgrades and data, so please be patient.  Over 17 years experience, nostalgia’s work stretches from Top 40, Trap ,Twerk, R&B, House, Breakbeats, HipHop, Old School, New School, Ambience, Electro, Tech House, 60‘s, 70‘s, 80‘s, 90’s.  There is  No genre that is safe.  Make sure to check out the links on any of the pages if you want to learn more about Nostalgia.


  Currently residing in Seattle, WA  nostalgia specializes in Clubs, House parties, Events , Mixers, Bars, Dives , Festivals, and Radio.  Implementing scratches, with Hot top 40 remixes, and always fresh EDM music and even originals tracks. 

Now nostalgia with his sights set on the Pacific North West in 2015,  Producing, djing, and writing, the future looks bright for this talent. Sponsorship and booking is available. There is so much more to come, stay tuned!!!

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States Played: SC, NC, GA, KY, WA

booking info: getfunky@djnostalgia.com

........until “From the Mind of” full production/Mix is released!!!

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